Top 8 Strategies of all $5M+ Roofing Contractors

Learn the strategies the top 1% of roofers are using to grow their business!

$5M+ Roofer Strategies

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In this annual report you will learn how the largest and most successful Roofers are growing and scaling their business in 2023

  • Create Seamless Customer Experience

    Your customers are used to easy and convenient buying experiences everyday in their lives. Not providing that can lose you business.

  • Automate Everything

    Reduce the total amount of time you and your staff spend on Administrative tasks, data entry, and "button pushing". Spend more time doing more jobs!

  • Re-Engage Past Customers

    Your past customer list is one of the most valuable assets your business has- learn how to use it!

  • Brand Yourself As The Expert

    Your customer's number 1 priority when getting a new roof is peace of mind. The easiest way to give this to them is to come across as the local expert.

  • Focus On Organic Google Maps Ranking

    In today's world of home service business growth nothing is more important that Google Maps ranking. But how do you get to #1?

  • Implement Review Generation Tactics

    Ever feel that getting reviews is like pulling teeth? Learn high level tactics to convert and generate more 5 star reviews!

  • Simplify Website For Increased Conversions

    Don't let your website visitors get distracted or confused once they make it to your site. Optimize your website for lead conversion.

  • Retarget Website Visitors on Facebook

    Did you know you could run facebook ads that only go to people that visited your website and didn't convert to a lead? Its a good way to get more business.

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$5M+ Roofer Strategies