Brand Positioning


Expert In Your Service Area

Home Service Branding

Just because you are a home services business does not mean you won't benefit from strong brand positioning. This is still something your customers react to

Expert in Your Service Area

Your customers are looking for someone who is an expert in exactly what they are looking for. They will pay more to know the job gets done right the first time

Specialist > Generalist

Even though you may be capable of doing all kinds of services, your brand will benefit more from positioning yourself as a specialist rather than a generalist

Website and Social Media

To achieve the strongest level of brand positioning as the expert, your website and social media need to be in perfect alignment when your customers view them

Brand Awareness

Positioning yourself as the expert in the are will increase your overall brand awareness. This keeps you top of mind when homeowners in your area need service

Seamless Experience

To uphold the image and position as the expert in the area, we ensure that the customer journey is seamless and pleasant with high levels of communication

Related Services

Business Process Optimization

Remove inefficiencies in the way your business operates. Save time on administrative tasks so you can focus on completing more jobs

Reputaiton Gathering

Put Google review generation on auto-pilot. Send out automated email and text review requests to past, present, and future customers

Advanced Ads Management

Hyper-Localized and high performing Facebook and Google ads. Events and timing based ads for increased relevancy in your service area

Not Just Marketers

IQ Contractor was born out of the help successful home service business owners need to grow their business past their immediate market…

To break out of living off referrals and word of mouth and to make sure they are always making the right choices for their business.

Just like you, we have become masters at our craft. If you focus on what you do best, we will do the same.

This will bring you more growth than you thought possible.

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