Google No Longer Cares About Your Website

Algorithm Changes

Google My Business optimization now accounts for over 50% of your local rank

Proximity is King

Google now prioritizes proximity and location more than website SEO

Google Limiting Traffic

Google would much rather keep you on their website than on yours

The Old Days of Website SEO

Website SEO is no Longer a Priority

In its earlier days Google relied on your website SEO to tell them who you are and what you do. That’s why it performed so well.

Now with the rise of Google My Business, they have all the data they need about you including customer feedback from reviews.

They decided that rather than trusting you and your SEO when ranking your business they can just use their own data.

According to whitespark.ca Google’s algorithm dropped SEO importance from 34% to only 16% while now placing GMB optimization at 36% of your rank.

Google Wants to Keep Searchers to Themselves

By keeping traffic to themselves, the more money Google can make on ads.

For a while now, google has slowly been showing us that they were wanting to go this route- most of us just missed the signs.

For example, you can now book reservations to restaurants directly on Google instead of going to the restaurant’s site, and weather data from weather.com pulls in directly to the search results.

This makes all of the SEO efforts of the restaurants and weather.com useless as people are no longer coming to their site.

These Changes Are Now Affecting Local Business

47% of local intent searches conducted on Google now result in no visit to the company’s website.

These are referred to as “No Click Searches” and it is when a searcher makes up their decision or gets the information they want without leaving Google’s website.

An example would be if someone is looking for a dog groomer close to them, there is a 47% chance they pick and call a groomer listed in the top of maps.

How Results Are Displayed

Every search results page on Google is set up to have links and information most valuable to Google at the top of the page.

This is called “Top of Page Presence”.

At the top of a Google search you will find all the ads businesses are running. Clicking or using these will result in Google making money.

Below the paid ads are the map pack results that Google hopes to keep you on their website with.

All the way near the bottom of the page is where individual websites are listed out based on SEO- clearly the least valuable location. 

So What Can You Do?

Since website SEO is no longer important and Google is keeping traffic away from your site wile prioritizing paid ads- here is what to focus on

Stop SEO Spending

No matter what agency you are working with- you are paying too much and most of it is being wasted

Focus on GMB Optimization

Not only does it make up half of your local rank- its free to do on Google

Chase More Reviews

Reviews on Google have never been more important. This includes review recency and sentiment