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HVAC Customer Psychology

Lets face it- we both know you are really after full installs or replacements. So how do you get them? These are core truths you have to essential to first comprehend. No one understands your target customer like we do

Your Customers Have No Idea They Need Their System Replaced

This probably is not news to you. Half of the struggle is getting the homeowner to even allow you to inspect their system. What this does emphasize though is that when they suspect they have an issue with their roof, they will start with the cheapest possible option- AC / heat repair.


No homeowner is going to think they should look into if they need a $10k HVAC replacement. They will hold on to hope that they can get away with a repair until they are told otherwise.

They Do Not Use the Term "HVAC" When Searching

When is the last time you heard one of your customers refer to you as their HVAC guy? To the general public they only see you as either an AC company or a Heating company.


This means these are the keywords and categories you should be focusing on more than “HVAC”

Repairs Turn Into New Installs

Because your customers do not know that they are in need of a whole new installation, when they have a problem they will want to start with the cheapest possible option.


Their search will start with either AC/Heat Repair. It is not until they are told they need a new system that they search for HVAC installation.

Your Customers Are Reactive- Not Proactive

How many of your customers call you to come look at their HVAC system because its been 15 years since their last one and they just want to get it looked at. It’s very rare right? This is because they are reactive and not proactive with home services.

Now think about how quickly they call you up with urgency when their AC isn’t working and its 90 degrees outside.


When a problem such as a roof leak comes up, your customers have no time to do extensive research and cross compare all of the HVAC options in their area.

They are 8x more likely to pick one of the first 3 business that come up on Google to call up and start a relationship with.

Reputation means everything

When searching online, your customers trust the reviews of others on Google about as much as they would trust a personal recommendation from a close friend. How often have you gone to a restaurant that only has 4 reviews or has a 3.9 average rating? The same logic applies to searching for an HVAC company.


For them to choose you two things have to be true:

  • You have to show up near the top of their search
  • Your reviews need to prove that you are a reliable and tested option

Play Into The Psychology

Repair Focused

Optimize your business for repair and inspection. Full system installs will come as a byproduct

Increased Visibility

Make sure that you get in front of your potential customers early and often when they need service

Speed to Lead

Monitor weather trends to make sure that you are in front of customers when temperature shifts happens

Reputation Gathering

Increase and improve your online reputation making you the clear #1 choice in the area

How We Grow Your Business

Operational Improvements

Follow best practices for running an HVAC business. We will make sure your business is streamlined for success. This includes: scheduling, dispatching, project management, and customer communication. Identify weak points that may be limiting growth and come up with solutions to fix.

Intelligent Lead Generation

Make it easy for your customers to find you and easy for them to contact you. Automate text and email campaigns to your previous customers when they meet specific criteria. Criteria like: customers that you performed a repair for a year ago, or having a system older than 15 years.

Organic Google Ranking

Rank your roofing business #1 on Google Maps in your desired city of choice. We know what it takes to get you there and consistently monitor changes to the Google Local Ranking algorithm and adjust your online presence to maximize results

Hyper-Local Digital Ads

Digital advertising for HVAC does not perform well unless there is relevancy. Since your customers do not know that they may need a new system it is important to advertise to them when the seasons change. Be the first one to offer a free inspection and you increase your odds of landing that customer by 4x

Staff Training & Buy-in

We will work with your staff on whatever suggestions to operational change we have. Depending on the size of the recommended changes we travel to you and perform in person training for you and your staff. 

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