Reputation Gathering

Review Management

Done-For-You Review Generation

Automated Review Requests

We will set up automated review requests to be send out over email and text immediately following notification of payment

Request Follow Up

Time based triggers to sent a gentle follow up to get your customers to leave a review. Sometimes life gets busy and they just need a reminder

Respond To All Google Reviews

Never worry about making sure that all of your reviews are being responded to and in a timely manner - let us take care of it

Past Customer Outreach

Using a list of all past customers you have worked with, we will send out email and/or text campaigns at the beginning of working together

Print Solutions

Our team of graphic designers will create print media flyers and business cards that will help convert more of your customers to reviews

Spam Review Removal

Don't let a false or unwarranted 1 star review decrease your overall star rating! We will work directly with Google to get these removed

Guaranteed 100% Open Rates

Avoid Spam Filters
Local Phone Number
Automated Follow Up

If your email request for a review is not landing in your customer's main inbox and getting caught in spam filters- it is almost certain that you will not be getting a review from that customer. They will never see it.

By setting up an email on your own domain and putting it through a rigorous email warm-up process, we are able to guarantee your email review requests never hit the spam folder.

With how many spam phone calls and text messages the average consumer experiences in a day, we have trained ourselves to sniff out spam from legitimate communication.

The likelihood of your customers looking at and clicking the link of a text message from a 1-800 number is very very low.

We purchase and set up a local-to-you phone number with an area code your customers would recognize. This drastically increased the odds that they open your message with is the largest part of the battle.

Sometimes your customers get busy, and sometimes the original text message or email review request was not sent a time convenient for them to sit down and write out a review.

This does not mean they didn't enjoy your service and are willing to leave you one. It will just take a gentle reminder or follow up to make sure they saw your attempt to get their feedback.

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Not Just Marketers

IQ Contractor was born out of the help successful home service business owners need to grow their business past their immediate market…

To break out of living off referrals and word of mouth and to make sure they are always making the right choices for their business.

Just like you, we have become masters at our craft. If you focus on what you do best, we will do the same.

This will bring you more growth than you thought possible.

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